Camps & Clinics

With over Twenty-three years of experience, Mickey Kydes Pro Soccer Camp is excited to offer a variety of week long Kydes kiddies, half-day, and full-day soccer educational experiences. Our soccer camps are the most organized, professional, challenging, and fun soccer camps in the country.

As a soccer players camp, we focus on the skills, imagination, style and flair of the individual player. Soccer is a player’s game where each player should have the freedom to use their imagination and make decisions without any restrictions. With and emphasis on technique and freedom of play we introduce creative soccer to each one of our campers.

Our diversified and experienced staff of professional soccer players and coaches assists each camper in building a creative foundation. Their guidance, instruction and demonstration introduce a new and exciting dimension of soccer. Each player is placed in developmentally appropriate situations in which they have the freedom to explore, create, develop, flourish, and be the best they can be. Through a challenging and supportive environment we provide a fun filled educational soccer experience, instilling strong character development and a life-long love of the game for all participants.

Have fun, let your imagination flow, broaden your play, and experience the infinite possibilities the game of soccer has to offer. Come Learn from the Pros and live the greatest game on earth at Mickey Kydes Pro Soccer Camps.