Rec Soccer

Ages 5 through 15

Many towns offer a recreation (Rec) soccer program, which in most cases is a player’s first introduction to the game. While Rec soccer programs vary from town to town in regards to philosophy and organization, the common goal is for player s to have fun, and develop some basic soccer and life skills. Rec soccer is meant to be an all inclusive and non-competitive soccer experience, and ideally should be offered form ages 5 through 15. A town recreational soccer program should be looked at as the foundation of any successful town soccer program.

Mickey Kydes Soccer has extensive experience building and maintaining strong and successful town recreational soccer programs in Westport, Wilton and Old Greenwich / Riverside. Between these town programs Mickey Kydes Soccer works with over 2,500 Kydes Kiddies and recreational soccer players through seasonal skills training clinics. The Mickey Kydes Soccer Kiddies and Rec curriculums are customized for each rec age grouping with an emphasis on soccer skills, responsibility, sportsmanship and fun. Our goal is that each child participating in our clinics develops a love for the game, and can’t wait to come back for the next time.

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