Virtual Activities

Staying HEALTHY and SAFE is the priority for all during this time off. 

In an effort to stay engaged and active during these uncertain times we have put together individual training sessions with activities, diagrams & videos to assist you in staying active.

See Links for further instruction.

These activities are ‘OPTIONAL’ and not mandated, and we recommend that if you choose to partake, please do so in an individual and safe environment. Players who desire to ‘Individually Train’  can proceed ONLY with the permission of their parent(s) and under the direct supervision of their parent(s). you

Since we are sending this to different age groups (U9-U12),  we expect all to please use your judgment, modify, and change as needed, and have fun. 

“Think, Act, Be Creative”

Stay healthy and see you soon!!

Mickey Kydes

Read more and download our Optional Training Activities and Videos PDF here.